May 23, 2002
Those who do not

Those who don't remember the past can now attend it, a couple times a year, courtesy of the noble efforts of EventPlan, who "arrange and co-ordinate re-enactors/performers representing virtually every historical era for living history displays, battle re-enactments, multi-era 'spectaculars', documentaries and films."

If the parallel to the Civil War re-enactments in the U.S. isn't eerie yet, it's worth noting that it's a little stranger when enacted by, you know, Brits, whose role in the whole thing isn't exactly well represented in mass media. And maybe it gets a little stranger during one of the "multi-era spectaculars" in which those British Civil War soldiers duke it out with British Nazis, British Visigoths, and British Vikings.

But if all that seems too far away or too confusing to contemplate, perhaps you do still remember that nasty miners' strike of Thatcher's 1984, which, like some punishment or reward for all those involved, has been re-enacted by Eventplan: "The Battle of Orgeave", to be viewed again and again.

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Immediately made me think of WestWorld. An interesting quote:

"Rising disposable income amongst many re-enactors has encouraged the creation of a whole new mini-industry of craftspeople who supply period clothing, weaponry, pottery and other props"

Sounds like Ultima Online...

Posted by: tmonkey on May 23, 2002 10:18 PM
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