May 28, 2002
The Bombshell Memo

This is linked from everywhere already, but worth your eyes -- the memo you always wanted to write, or something close to it, proving, to the whole world, that your superiors have their head lodged far up.

e.g., "The fact is that key FBIHQ personnel whose job it was to assist and coordinate with field division agents on terrorism investigations and the obtaining and use of FISA searches (and who theoretically were privy to many more sources of intelligence information than field division agents), continued to, almost inexplicably, throw up roadblocks and undermine Minneapolis' by-now desperate efforts to obtain a FISA search warrant, long after the French intelligence service provided its information and probable cause became clear. HQ personnel brought up almost ridiculous questions in their apparent efforts to undermine the probable cause."

Posted by dbrown at May 28, 2002 04:23 PM
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