June 06, 2002
it's the impossibility part that always gets to me

wired news reports on Comet Systems's defense of their alleged spyware and in the process opens the pandora's box of new economy pointlessness. Not just lack of money, but lack of purpose. (Choose one. Come on, right now, choose one.)
"It proved nearly impossible to make money from it with any real scale," Rosen wrote, noting that Comet has burned its way through $20 million since launching in 1997, while generating total revenues of less than $200,000.... "The information we were logging was completely useless, except for charging sites for cursor impressions."

Posted by dbrown at June 06, 2002 06:04 PM

(Tom, do you remember that dumb fuck coming to present the Comet Cursor to CKS so many lifetimes ago?) Friends with Tanya C., he made some presentation, and then I raised my hand and asked him why on earth he thought anyone would be stupid enough to ever install that fucking thing on their machine.

I only remember that part of his answer was "look, you work in advertising too, right?" and that he sent me an email the next day asking for another chance to present the thing, that I misunderstood his intentions.

But I think I might have been right. On the other hand, I got fired, and his company is, uh, still in business.

Posted by: kevin slavin on June 6, 2002 10:16 PM
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