July 08, 2002
place your bets

A slashdotter has laid down some odds. Care to add some not-so-long wagers?

Slashdot Wagering Board Update: @# +1 ; Innovative (Score:-1, Offtopic)

Slashdot Out Of Busines By Dec. 2002 3-1
Dick Cheney Flees To France For Asylum 10-1
Cheney Indicted For Corporate Fraud 4-1
W Indicted For Corporate Fraud 20-1
W Claims Haliburton Fraud Exempt From SEC 2-1
W Switches To Democratic Party 1-2
W Resigns From Office by June 2002 1-5

Posted by dbrown at July 08, 2002 03:57 PM

Prada San Francisco gets built 8-1
Gore chooses Lieberman again 20-1
New York 2012 Olympics 20-1
Sea rises above the FDR by 2020 1-2

Posted by: dbrown on July 8, 2002 04:03 PM
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