July 18, 2002
Excerpt, unaltered, from New York Scooter Listserv

greetings to all. i'm officially back from barcelona, though my
luggage apparently decided to spend one more night in paris (those
bastards at air france can kiss my big fat francophobic ass right
about now). hopefully it will bring me back something nice if and
when it does arrive.

the conference was quite intense - lots of info, lots of protest and
some preliminary vaccine trial data that's been a long time coming.
but overall of course a bit depressingtalked to a woman activist
who's been living positive in zimbabwe for 15 years now and she told
me that though the official prevalence is reported at 38% of the
population she thinks it's more like 55-50%.

as far as the scooter situation in the beautiful city of barcelona, i
must say i was a bit let down. lots more new, plastic, ugly stuff
than i expected. and very few vintage models, many of which were
really on their last breath. never did pull it together to try to
rent one, though, which is probably all for the best in terms of my
own well being.

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