July 25, 2002
Like Plato's Cave, but different

What can you learn just by looking at shadows or traces? Plenty, but don't expect it to be accurate. For example, what can a data entry worker in Accra learn from NYC Dept. of Sanitation tickets? "[T]he city is sparkling clean. Why else would people be given tickets for not cleaning up after their dogs? "I know that New York is beautiful: the streets, the flowers, and the people too," said Susuana Okine, 26, whose only ties to the city are the maps she consults daily at work. "I can also testify that it must smell better than Accra."

Posted by dbrown at July 25, 2002 10:19 AM

"They know the rules and they still are always violating them," Ms. Mensah said. "Maybe they don't understand simple instructions. But they have to keep doing it, because it's how we make our money."

Ha. What rules? Red means you can be sued for millions if you get caught going through one and happen to run over somebody who's jaywalking. Simple.

Also, the whole "sweatshop" cry is annoying. Cultural relativism versus universal human rights.

I also love the small tidbit that all those great jobs went up in smoke after "a reporter" started nosing around for a story.

Posted by: tmonkey on July 25, 2002 06:04 PM
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