August 01, 2002
Phoning it in

I've always wondered (privately) why this hasn't been done more often, in Israel as well as the United States? Maybe because it might be more traceable perhaps. Anyhow, more technological jiu-jitsu. This time, I wonder if they were targeting Jew-loving Arabs as well?

Posted by tmonkey at August 01, 2002 10:49 AM

Length Wired piece from 1997 on cell phones in Israel: "In January 1996, Israel's internal security service, or Shabak, allegedly used an exploding cell phone to assassinate Palestinian suicide bomb mastermind Yahya Ayyash, aka The Engineer. It's interesting to note that the head of the Shabak when that operation was being planned was Ya'akov Peri, the same fellow who later would become Cellcom's CEO and try to sell everyone in Israel a Cellcom cellular phone.
The Palestinians are always quick to pick up on an effective Israeli tactic. In October, when Israel lifted its quarantine on the West Bank and Gaza, Israeli police caught a Palestinian trying to cross the border with a similarly rigged cell phone. The phone, they believe, was intended for use against an Israeli politician."

Posted by: dbrown on August 1, 2002 11:12 AM
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