August 08, 2002
Naming conventions

In Infinite Jest, David Foster Wallace predicts a world in which years are named after corporate sponsors. In Turkmenistan, a slightly more appealing renaming project for the months of the year and days of the week is underway. God bless em, in a way.

Posted by kio at August 08, 2002 03:29 PM

and lest we forget: vendémiaire, brumaire, frimaire; nivôse, pluviôse, ventôse; germinal, floréal, prairial; messidor, thermidor, fructidor. vive la revolution.

Posted by: dbrown on August 8, 2002 04:26 PM

I almost put in a line about them, via Marx's essay about that regime.

Posted by: Kio on August 9, 2002 01:35 PM

who is Marx?

Posted by: dbrown on August 9, 2002 05:13 PM

Groucho Marx, baby. Comedian. Hitler moustache. You know.

Posted by: Kio on August 13, 2002 03:36 PM
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