August 20, 2002
Media Gladiator Enters Colosseum Unprepared...and Gets Gibbed

This is the literary equivalent of that point in multiplayer first-person shooters where you've just died a grisly, horrible death but you can still move the camera around and you can see your body lying there, guts splattered everywhere, and the rest of the players are running around looking for other people to frag and you're just lying there contemplating how you died and how you could have avoided it, what you did wrong, how angry you are at those blockheads running by, and you realize how little detail they have, you notice that they (and you) are just made from a handful of irregular polygons with some textures slapped on but it doesn't really matter because everything's going by so quickly...

Posted by tmonkey at August 20, 2002 10:15 AM
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