August 22, 2002
Four random links for a Thursday afternoon

I wouldn't normally post buckshot like this, but figured it was better than posting each solo...

1. Nothing a little perfume can't fix
People do not like the smell of close family members, new research shows the aversion might help prevent incest.

2. Shine on you crazy diamond
A US firm says it will turn your cremated ashes into a diamond (or, I guess, "die-mond") for the loved ones you leave behind to cherish.

3. Introducing Caffeine-free Diet Himalayan Twist
Soft drink giants Coca Cola and Pepsi, were slammed last week over the painting of their logos on Himalayan rocks.

4. The Oprah Book Club it ain't
Quick report on what Dubya is reading these days.

Posted by elia at August 22, 2002 03:32 PM

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