August 29, 2002
what makes a blog a blog?

flipping through the paper version of the nytimes today and came across the online diary section in circuits. it touches on everything from dreaming about celebrities to "collective conciousness" imaging to drawings of people on subways - all in a very blog-like manner. so the question is, what makes a blog a blog? i mean, isn't every newspaper a sort of blog, publishing/posting the things it thinks you'll find interesting? even this?

Posted by elia at August 29, 2002 02:06 PM

Is there maybe a difference between an individual blog (e.g. and a collective blog (e.g. memepool, saturation)? I've been thinking about the same thing lately...that we've got this new form of publishing, essentially, that in some ways is very different from paper publishing, and in other ways is largely the same. It first occurred to me when I tried to explain the concept of a blog to my mother, amd realized quickly that it's a genus, not a species.

Posted by: Kio on August 29, 2002 02:19 PM
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