September 05, 2002
Must-read for Mac geeks

If you were hemming and hawing about switching to Mac 10.2 aka Jaguar, you need to read John Siracusa's extremely thorough and thoroughly entertaining report on it. It's like Consumer Reports taking a car and banging on it, prying at it, squeezing it, and basically putting it through its paces, but for an OS, so he's torturing the graphics rendering engine in the worst way possible by, for instance, taking semi-transparent terminal windows and wiping them back and forth over a Quicktime movie while it's playing which I didn't know would bring previous iterations of OSX to its knees but which in Quartz performs spectacularly well. I learned so much from this pleasurable article and funny/anal guy...


Posted by tmonkey at September 05, 2002 11:53 PM
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