September 07, 2002
fucked world

Another reason to love John Berger's (not that John Berger) Fucked World: This roundup of Bush administration justifications for fucking Saddam.
"So Dick Cheney says Iraq practically already has nuclear weapons, which puts him at odds with Colin Powell, who thinks Iraq has added the Andromeda strain to its biological weapons arsenal. Donald Rumsfeld claims Hussein has velociraptor DNA, but Paul Wolfowitz feels it's more likely Saddam has the Genesis device. Ari Fleischer told reporters that the Butcher of Baghdad possesses a Death Star, while the president himself told close associates that Saddam has mastered the Stone Cold Stunner. John Ashcroft warned that Iraq might know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, and Condoleeza Rice is pretty sure the rogue nation is hiding Gamera in a baby food factory near the no-fly zone."

Posted by dbrown at September 07, 2002 01:43 PM
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