September 23, 2002
The Claude Levi-Strauss of RPGs

I love this structural-list effort at distancing onesself from the engrossing nature of adventure games (and also Star Trek, Buffy, Superfriends, Dr. Who episodes) to see what's behind the curtain. Particularly humorous when paraphrased thusly:

"Quest For the Sparkly Hoozits

Somebody needs a dingus (to fulfill a prophecy, heal the monarch, prevent a war, cure a disease, or what have you). The PCs must find a dingus. Often an old dingus, a mysterious dingus, and a powerful dingus. The PCs must learn more about it to track it down, and then deal with taking it from wherever it is.
    Common Twists & Themes: The dingus is incomplete when found (one of the most irritating and un-fun plot twists in the universe). Somebody already owns it (or recently stole it, sometimes with legitimate claim or cause). The dingus is information, or an idea, or a substance, not a specific dingus. The PCs must "go undercover" or otherwise infiltrate a group or society, gaining the dingus by guile or stealth."

Posted by tmonkey at September 23, 2002 09:04 AM
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