October 02, 2002
Sentient Machine Specialist Dept.

Animal Crossing. Just saw an ad on the TeeVee for it, it feels an awful lot like the future.

There's no Animal Crossing website per se, but here's a review. Basically, somewhere between the Sims and Tamagotchi and a bad dream, it's a real time simulation of, um, I don't know.

OK, it goes something like this. You have a video game character who exists in real time. It's on the GameCube, uses the internal clock. When it's night, it's game night, when it's winter, it's game winter. Your character sleeps, gets cold, goes fishing. Plays hooky. Whatever. Whether you're watching or not.

It's not sentient, but it's not as simple as persistent. And at present, this character only interacts with other pre-prog characters in the game. But how long before it breaks that boundary down?

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