October 02, 2002
Satin Lives

so this story of a high school satanist club, wouldn't rate a super-elite saturation mention except that it's from my home town. So props to the young LaVey-wannabe in san mateo.
But while we're on the subject of San Mateo, recently found this memoir-interview of the late-80s stoner-punk scene there. "A: Yeah, it was pretty much the happening house in San Mateo. Where all the acid went down. That's where all the pot fuckin' went down, all the wall painting, band practices, parties. J: Any band that was worth a damm in San Mateo at the time played there." I got mightily fucked up there one new year's; they had a groovy Jacobsen egg chair, long before its vibe had changed from Altered States to Tribeca.

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