October 02, 2002
Tiny Brothers

and this whole thing that's heating up about how passive surveillance cameras capture just about everything in the semi-public (hemi?)sphere. So not BB, but tbb.

But so ok, that is what it is. But why does it feel like a qualitative -- not just quantitative -- leap when kidnap-kid Amber Alerts are broadcast to the computers, pagers, and cell-phones of every one of the 26 million AOL members? As soon as a child is kidnapped, instant notification.

Sort of like MSN Messenger Alerts when a buddy signs on, except it's about a stranger signing off. No question about the goodcauseness of it. It's the 26MM posse I'm scared of, goodcause or no.

Once they integrate AIM (which they plan to) it jumps to 150MM. That's a lot of rope.

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