October 03, 2002
High School Week on Saturation.org

So Mr. Brown got me all thinking, what's my old high school like these days? Still there, I found, still uptown, and now in digital stereo.

I poked around and found that my old music teacher, Phil Rosenberg, had asked his students to compose works from their experiences of September 11. One of them, "Carlos' Elegy," evidently was aired on WNYC, and is archived at the site. (There's a longer radio piece about it that I didn't have the patience for.)

It's not brilliant the way some things are brilliant, but it moved me immensely. Part of it, I think, is that it's played by a sextet of students also from Phil Rosenberg's class. It's that they play like, you know, high school students.

It's that thing of still being capable of earnestness, at 15 or so. Of striving to hit the thing precisely. But more, really, it's that thing of not being capable hitting the notes perfectly at all, which we should all be so lucky to have preserved.

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