October 10, 2002

Maybe it's because the champ is man-handling the machine, or maybe it's the hi-larious URL ("Brains in Bahrain" -- Kramnick thinks like a, uh, Vulcan and plays like a, uh, Vulcan)drew with Deep Fritz, though the Fritz team (we have stopped referring to DF as a singular entity since it is twiddled between every game) made it a little bit harder for Kramnick in this one. It's clear DF is not the same force Deep Blue was, as Kramnick is no Kasparov (less temper, more nerdy genius). I never did understand how a passionate, fiery personality would be a bonus in chess, anyhow.

I like the fact that Fritz & co. have had to adjust to Kramnick, who is dictating the play, for instance, the DF team acknowledging that if Kramnick trades queens Fritz goes on the fritz. Deep Flaw.

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Posted by: tmonkey on October 13, 2002 08:26 PM
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