October 29, 2002

Today, researching russian/ukrainian Constructivist Nikolai Foregger -- theater guy -- I was intrigued to find that he had founded a Noise Orchestra back in 1922. ". . in 1923, Walter Duranty described it in the New York Times as so: "Arms wave, bodies are flung to and fro in regular oscillation, like machines in a factory. Rumbling, rattling, buzzing, and whirring noises off-stage aid the illusion, and after the spectator’s first astonishment is past, one does begin to see the effectiveness of the mimicry." (source) I can find no trace of the music itself, but the researches did get me to Matthew Wuolle's versions of musique concrète, for starters this composition for paper towel dispenser.

Posted by dbrown at October 29, 2002 02:46 PM

I am a musician descendant of Nikolai Foregger and would appreciate findingany traces of the music that he wrote.

Posted by: Roberto Foregger on February 2, 2003 07:09 AM

I kindly invite to ask some information concerning Nikolaj Foregger's musical works at prof. Aleksander chepalov, to the folowing e mail adress: chepalovst@mail.ru. The professor in question is specialised in Nikolaj Foregger and is currently working in Ukraina.
I myself have been writing a biografy on N. Foregger in italian for my PhD tesis at the University of Bologna. I'd therefore apreciate if could show me some of your work. I would also inform you that I'm the president of a Cultural association on russian culture, which promotes the figure and knowing of Nikolaj Foregger. In case you had any kind of documents or informations that could be my interes, I would kindly ask you to inform me on it.
Moreover, according to your description abour Foregger's music for the dances of machines, I find a similarity with the futurist italian music and "intuonarumori" (rumoristic music).
Could you please confirm me that? i have moreover collected the geanological tree of the Foregger family. Therefore, in case you wish yuo may give some further information concerning your descendance.
Best Regards,

Posted by: erica on May 15, 2003 06:45 AM

confidential to kr: I smell a book.

Posted by: dbrown on May 16, 2003 09:02 AM
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