November 11, 2002
you can learn a lot from your television

so, i've been watching a lot of the oln channel lately. its field & stream and outdoor programming is great if you ever wondered what life was like in all those red states you saw after the 2000/2002 elections. nothing takes the edge off your edge like watching men shooting ducks, or going fishing, or just sitting around and talking about guns. i even saw this guy overcome the archer's paradox and shoot an aspirin in mid-air with an arrow. but the most interesting thing i noticed is how much these people want to conserve natural habitats so they can go out and kill the things that live in them. makes me think the best way to protect the arctic widlife preserve is to open it up to hunting.

Posted by elia at November 11, 2002 11:32 AM

elia, you aren't a Young Buck are you?

Posted by: hirmes on November 11, 2002 04:31 PM
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