November 18, 2002
king of the news

quote of the day, or at least the other day, Jon Stewart, from ABC news's fawning report. re: cable news. "It's almost like having my own bank," he said, "because they've so destroyed the fine credibility or the fiber that was the trust between the people and what they're hearing on the air." / The 24-hour news cycle, Stewart says, has sacrificed fact to the "louder and brighter and faster" pulse of marketing, and of the corporate model. The fact-checker today, he says, "is just the one going, 'You know what I heard?'" / "That's what they should call CNN 'You Know What I Heard?' I don't even know if they've got an acronym for that."

Posted by dbrown at November 18, 2002 11:20 AM
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