November 18, 2002

Not to outshine the nudist model railroad hobbyist group on yahoo, but here's the latest post from the objectum sexuality group. There's an awful lot to say and think about with this stuff, but I just had to post this, it's such a good introduction, and speaks for itself.

From: frozen_wire
Date: Tue Oct 29, 2002 9:56 pm
Subject: 'objectum-bi-curious'...

...i suppose would be a good word to describe me. before tonight i
didn't know there was such a thing as objectum sexuality, or rather -
i had never thought of the possibility, and therefore hadn't either
denied, nor put a label on it.

as i normally don't like putting people and their sexualities in
different compartiments, though, it makes absolute sense now that of
course some of us humas are more drawn to the spirits in objects,
rather than the ones in bodies. and why not?

as for me, i am in a long-term relationship with a man, and have no
intentions of getting involved with an object. however, i have had
thoughts (and most of all nightly dreams) about 'experimenting' with
buildings, mountains or trees, in the same way as quite a few girls
my age have thought about 'getting it on with a girlfriend' or having
a threesome. i haven't told anyone about it until today, though, not
so much from fear of seeming abnormal, but because it's not exactly a
subject that comes up in conversation a lot :)

one dream i had three or four times during a five-year period was
that i was deeply i love with (and physically attracted by) a
mountain by the sea, and tried desperately to win his heart as
another girl was also pursuing him. in the end he always carried us
both out into the sea, sliding straight through it. i always woke up
first hoping that it would be me, and then - as reality dawned on me
and i knew he was not there - feeling incredibly empty.

my favourite building (who seems to be even more an object of desire
than love) is the shiny white arch in paris. not the old one with the
unknown soldier, but the one in la defense, where it's all windy. on
quite a few occasions i've had erotic dreams about him. hm...

if possible, i would like to know more about YOU - the other members
of the group - and your feelings for objects. i got here from eija-
riittas webpage, so i know all about her remarkable love for the
berlin wall, but the rest? i am very curious, and will be thankful
for any replies :)

This is still a breaking story here on Saturation, so details are a little fuzzy. But do visit one of the many sites from Eija-Riitta Eklof Berliner-Mauer, the Swede who married the Berlin Wall and who may have uncovered a deep and frightening hole in the human sexual subconscious.

Evidently and unsurprisingly, she's also handy with a glue gun.

Posted by at November 18, 2002 11:42 PM

years ago I began an essay called Architecture, My Love, in which I would explore my psyschosexual and personal attractions visavis builldings and women. What architectural style gets you off? I am always wavering btwn Federal and high international style; at the time, I had reason to side with the modern:
"X masturbating in the UN Secretariat, 22 flights up, Midtown Manhattan beneath her—the advent of curtain glass’s relationship to sexuality and auto-eroticism. ...
The sexiness of the words: architrave. pediment. pilaster. balustrade. (balustrine is French slang for testicle.) ...
When I think of her house, I don’t think of events there, I think of its high ceilings, the mystery of the tiny shower, the built-in shelves, the arch over the gas stove, the linoleum floor, the tall windows."
But now I'm not so sure. Federal may be the thing; that bank facade in the met's american wing always gets me hot.

Posted by: dbrown on November 19, 2002 12:16 AM

Further. As a teenager who went to a ny city all-borough high school, we could never go home to fuck, and none of us had cars, so we all made do with whatever public space we had available to us.

So it's partly sentimental, and obviously partly not, that the elevators of rock center skyscrapers have a deep but unmysterious erotic appeal.

Posted by: Kevin Slavin on November 19, 2002 12:22 AM
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