November 21, 2002
Thinking "outside the box" for homeless

I want to live on a cruiseship too!

Faced with the worst homeless crisis in New York's history, officials are considering whether cruise ships tied up at city docks could be used as temporary housing.

A spokesman for Mayor Michael Bloomberg said two officials were visiting Bermuda on Wednesday to examine some retired cruise ships as authorities sought ways to house a record 37,000 people who sleep in city-run shelters every night.

"We are thinking outside of the box," a spokesman for Bloomberg said. "We have to consider all the options."

Posted by at November 21, 2002 09:56 AM

Never thought Saturation would get so big that we would actually have doubled posts.

Posted by: tmonkey on November 21, 2002 10:18 AM

let alone two in 24 hours, mme. kikkoman. tmonkey, this is the Big Time you were worried about.

Posted by: dbrown on November 21, 2002 10:26 AM

Hmm, I don't think we're Big enough yet to consolidate doubled posts like MetaFilter (actually I think they just erase them) but I would encourage underwear first, then pants, comments first, then posting, though I welcome any enthusiasm on Saturation right now.

How do other people feel?

Is anyone (other than dbrown) reading?

Posted by: tmonkey on November 21, 2002 10:47 AM

Me, I'm reading! I'm not bothered by the double some people don't read the thing as regularly as others...

Posted by: Kio on November 21, 2002 11:06 AM

I guess it won't be an issue until we actually have people commenting on posts (my secret saturation dream).

Posted by: tmonkey on November 21, 2002 11:10 AM

my secret saturation dream involves some cold bottles of budweiser and then the bar fills with the Girls of Saturation and then, and then... no, wait, that's not it at all. True.

Posted by: dbrown on November 21, 2002 11:22 AM

You're right, kio. I'm spending way too much time here. And, it appears, dbrown too.

Posted by: tmonkey on November 21, 2002 11:56 AM

Hel-lo? Is anyone reading saturation, you ask? What do you think I do all day? You think stuff like objectum-sexualism is easy to come by?

That's it, I'm out of here. And I'm taking those double posts with me.

Posted by: Kevin Slavin on November 21, 2002 12:25 PM

having been "double posted" i can't help but feel it was my fault. maybe my post wasn't intriguing enough. maybe i could've been more clear. maybe it's time i hang up the "a href=" tags and call it career.

Posted by: elia on November 21, 2002 01:42 PM

pronounced "haruff," I declare.

Posted by: dbrown on November 21, 2002 02:29 PM

As she who double-posted, I suppose I should chime in. 'Course, I don't really have anything to say ... except perhaps, Go Kikoman!
Yours Truly,
One of the Girls of Saturation

Posted by: krobinson on November 21, 2002 05:50 PM

i deeply apologize for double posting. i did not read the day before's posting, and i paid the price. tom elia made me eat shit thru a well thought and destructive instant message. I will try not to let it happen again. as for tom elia, well he is going to get his, dont you worry kids.

Posted by: cary on November 21, 2002 09:33 PM

Hm, I guess this is what happens on weblogs. Growing pains.

Posted by: tmonkey on November 22, 2002 12:30 AM
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