November 21, 2002
the rainforest of entertainment

george lucas is guilty. he is guilty of treating his employees like crap, he is a literary pirate, and his thievery and deception of his ideas goes without consequences as well. Lucas from my standpoint is also guilty of calling himself a creative; his last two movies were so terrible, that he should be ashamed to lead the forefront of the "creative industry" when he himself lacks creativity. Last point is that the entertainment business has no right to be compared to "the rainforest" when the entire industry is owned by a mere 3-5 major corporations.

"I am begging for co-operation. There are unintended consequences of piracy. If piracy is not stopped, the rainforest of the entertainment business ecosystem will collapse. I am pleading for the creative people in this industry," lucas said.

keep begging georgy lucas.

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