December 05, 2002
A Million Ways To Say "I Have No Idea Who You Are"

Don't ask how I stumbled onto this, but it appears a) endless and b) a great wonder of mankind. Someone or someones has managed to find a different thing to say about every human on the web. OK, not every one of us, not yet, but they are well on their way.

I mean, really, there are copywriters in the audience here. How many ways can you come up with to say "here's the page for a person I don't know"?

Two favorites:
1) People can now express themselves with pictures, text, and animation over the Web. Explore this offering.
2) Student at Stanford University offers his email address so that friends and family can contact him.

Most alarmingly, if you click on any one of them, you are taken to that home page, with a menu bar at the top. You can kind of scroll through the web from there, which I have never had any reason to do.

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