January 01, 2003
oh fuck the design profession is in sorry, sorry shape

There are six finalists for the Pentagon Memorial. Maybe one is palatable (to me, natch), and I may be biased 'cause I knew one of the designers years ago, I think. (Design Four.) But okay if we take as a given the shittiness of the proposals/ideas, we can still be mightily disappointed by, first, the lame-as-shit renderings of said ideas. This is 2003, people. If you can airbrush the pockmarks out of Joan Jett's face for the Times, you can make a wall look like a wall. Second, grad school bullshit. No verb necessary there. For instance, Shane Williamson's project description. "184 trees representing the artifact of subtractive operations totaling the number of victims of the Pentagon attack. As the operands subtract from the object they also subtract from each other. The resulting voids in the object serve to remind us of the immeasurable loss of life." And, for seconds, Julie Beckman's "A memorial field is inscribed with 184 memorial units with each unit being dedicated to an individual victim. " Hey Beavis, she said "unit." The collective and almost total lack of human emotion -- replicants? -- reminds me of a review of Cindy Sherman's children's book for Rizzoli, Fitcher's Bird, back in the day: "Has anyone at Rizzoli ever met a child?"

Posted by dbrown at January 01, 2003 03:41 PM
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