January 02, 2003
what happens after you die, part 2

This valuable news from Surfer Mag. Friends of the late surfer Mickey Dora recently contacted him via psychic. "He says the surf up there is great. He's been surfing a right point that's longer, cleaner, and hollower than Malibu... He (Dora) got burned by Napoleon the other day.... He said Napoleon rode a huge longboard, and had a wide butt-stance. He flapped in front of Mickey the whole way. Dora called him on it, and Napoleon just started raving in French. Dora has nicknamed him Nappy Fain. He said Genghis Khan is a total kook, too."

also from Surfer, this report on the dumbest surfer-terrorist ever, who tried to join al qaeda 'cause he was "sick of surfing Rat beach closeouts."

Posted by dbrown at January 02, 2003 01:55 PM
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