February 14, 2003
"When I close my eyes, I see eyeballs."

Somehow, between the terrorist threats, Iraq, the whole UN thing, Robert Chambers going free, and the Mercedes Murder trial, the NYTimes still has a quarter page available to run a story about an eyeball in fruit juice.

Posted by elia at February 14, 2003 02:24 PM

not to mention a photo of Old People Getting Married, and a whole fucking three-photo essay on church change-sign messages in Texas. yes, god bless the spacemen. May our way of life will prevail.

Posted by: dbrown on February 14, 2003 04:52 PM

I see eyeballs too. (kinda)
Check out this dwawing I did. Thsi is a shockwave animation of what I see when I close my eyes. Does anyone see something similar?

Posted by: Steve Prinkey on January 11, 2004 12:59 PM
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