February 21, 2003
Iraq's Missile Defense System

Wanna get into Iraq quick? Volunteer to be a human shield. A veteran of the Gulf War apparently got his bright idea from the 1991 war when the Iraqi government forcibly relocated hundreds of expatriates, bankers, and other undesireables to industrial plants, military bases and other prime bombing targets.

"'I think the Iraqi government is potentially putting us in a dangerous position,' said a young Australian who said he had decided to leave."

"One American peace advocate recalled a typical march where the Westerners were chanting antiwar slogans and were suddenly joined by dozens of Iraqis hoisting pictures of Mr. Hussein. 'It changed the spirit of the march,' said a recent college graduate who is one of the volunteers. 'That wasn't what we expected.'"

Posted by tmonkey at February 21, 2003 10:07 AM
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