February 27, 2003
Neck of the Sea

'Nikes will be soon in your neck of the sea,' Dr. Ebbesmeyer told the Anchorage Daily News last week. Ebbesmeyer is referring to the 33,000 pairs of Nikes (in addition to the 3,000,000 Legos and 34,000 hockey gloves) he's tracking. I guess a lot of Pacific Ocean debris finds its way to the friendly shores of Alaska.

Ergo Doc Ebbesmeyer's "Beachcomber's Alert" (Tracking All Things Afloat), a good resource for all things overboard, even flotsam poetry. My favorite? Chucky and Tommy and Baby Dill/Off to Alaska to be land fill, an ode to the Rugrat Tumble of '92.

If you're on a PC, be sure to check out the drift simulations, there's an animal toy spill sim that I've kept on a loop since this morning. It's the separate color streams for "Turtles / Ducks / Beavers / Frogs" that command awe and respect, even Mr. Tufte's. I keep thinking about North Pacific chum, punching through clouds of machine-molded turtles. Shaking their little chum heads.

Posted by kevin slavin at February 27, 2003 01:02 PM

On the Beachcomber's alert, make sure to view the Flotsam Checklist. Some items not to be handled and must be reported to the authorities.

Posted by: Kio on February 28, 2003 10:34 AM
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