March 02, 2003
notes from the left coast

1. 71 degrees and nothing but blue sky all day long. What the fuck are we thinking?
2. What do these people fucking *do* out here?
2a. Or, What do these fucking people *do* out here?
3. Finally saw the Gursky show, at sfmoma, and was elevated and transformed. It's something about the combination of intimacy and monumentality, of looking down as God and also being able to step into it. Maybe: This is our world. Here it is. But that's probably far too humanist a reading.
3a. Now everyone is doing the saturated-print-behind-plexiglass thing. Resistance is futile.
4. also: Rauschenberg's erased de Kooning.
5. also: Matta-Clark's Splitting: Four Corners. Saw it first about 13 years ago. Was it sagging so much then? It smells of pitch. Someone lived there.
6. Blake: "Some are born to sweet delight / Some are born to endless night."

Posted by dbrown at March 02, 2003 01:20 AM

from Gawker:
Gratuitous San Francisco bashing

Overheard—a New Yorker visiting San Francisco for the first time: "This is it?! This is all there is?! It's like Queens with palm trees!"

Posted by: tmonkey on March 2, 2003 05:28 PM
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