March 04, 2003
a very meta bedtime story

Not quite meta-tags: This white-on-white text on the NYPress's website shows up with just the faintest thought of highlighting (plus some more). It's a nice story, if you're a search engine.

"It was up to spiderman and shakira to stop that rotten scoundrel osama bin laden and his taliban.. First he brought down the world trade center, then he created napster‹what evil would be next? Studying the works of nostradamus, they figured the best place to catch him would either be at the world cup or the winter olympics, where he planned to unleash an envelope full of anthrax on the unsuspecting crowd. CNN caught morrowind of the plot, and predicted there would be neverwinter nights for years to come. It would be a dungeon siege when these forces came together. It would be like a battlefield 1942.

"Each man involved is an american idol," eminem told avril levigne in front of the pink gareth gates of their local Ikea. "All your base are belong to us," bin laden said in a taped message. "The battlefield will run red with los ketchup. It will be star wars. A trillian bodies will litter the sand!" Natalie Portman of the FBI had heard enough. She contacted the Pentagon and ordered operation flashpoint, which involved crashing the mir space station into Afghanistan, which soon thereafter would resemble the Planet of the Apes. Segway to Angelina Jolie, who shouted to her comrade and fellow tomb raider loana, "Hurry! We must return to castle wolfenstein! Don?t they realize that all this is designed to lead to big brother 2?"

They fled on foot, together into the night."

Posted by dbrown at March 04, 2003 10:09 PM

Brilliant. Is this Jeff Koyen's doing I wonder?

Posted by: tmonkey on March 5, 2003 10:04 AM
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