March 11, 2003
Bell-toll Weekly

Before the invention of the blog, the great leveller was death. Like blog, it comes in so many different forms. And unlike everything else in the world, it even happens in Switzerland, ergo Boltanski's monster "Swiss Dead," 1990. Originally installed in the Museum fuer Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt, it's gone now, though Switzerland stands yet.

"Jews and death," said Boltanski in an interview, "the two are too obviously interlinked. By contrast, the link between the Swiss and death is most tenuous, because there is no apparent reason why the Swiss should die."

As it turns out, it's not just Boltanski, though, and it's not just Switzerland. Everyone dies, a week at a time, and the web struggles to keep up. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of last week's dead, to catch the table that died and the Francis Bacon painting that died.

For those of you struggling with e.g., demographics, you might find more local information helpful, this week's dead broken out by markets. If we could only find a way to get the dead to buy shit, like we have with kids.

Posted by kevin slavin at March 11, 2003 03:25 PM

And, for the mother of all such statistics, look no further than the CDC. Death comes weekly here too.

Posted by: Kio on March 12, 2003 10:01 AM

a very side note -- recently saw "White Oleander" on a plane. Kim Basinger's character is an artist, and she makes things that look a lot like Boltanski. Though she uses hand-transferred Polaroids rather than reprinted archival b/w photos, adding a jaunty note to his funereal forms.

Posted by: dbrown on March 12, 2003 04:39 PM

not a side note: "Vulnerant omnes, ultima necat." Every hour wounds, the last one kills.

Posted by: dbrown on March 12, 2003 05:57 PM
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