March 12, 2003
Leave Happiness to the Bourgeoisie... no, wait.

If you have to play the game of telephone (and you do), perhaps no better plaintext than a speech this evening from Slavoj Zizek. How to be happy, was how he started his speech, and it revolved around three axioms:

1. Have everything you want, but not all the time.
2. Live in a democracy, but don't participate in it.
3. Make sure the things you want are far from you, but not too far away.

I've no idea what he actually said, this is a couple of staticky generations down from the original. But I'll run with those three until instructed otherwise. In the meantime, at least now I know that happiness is inherently hypocritical, (real video) so at least there's one bad thing that I never have to fear.

Posted by kevin slavin at March 12, 2003 01:51 AM
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