March 13, 2003
Good enough for me

News, from CNN. "The Rev. Irvin Baxter ... told the Associated Press that he's "75 to 80 percent sure" this description from the ninth chapter of the New Testament's Book of Revelation is a description of the pending war in Iraq. ... Here are two clues from the Book of Revelation that lead some people to think this is the end-time..."

oh, sweet jesus, kill these people, please.

Posted by dbrown at March 13, 2003 04:49 PM

results of the poll in the upper left hand corner of that page, as of this posting...

I believe the pending war with Iraq is:
Something the U.S. has no right to start 32%
An effective way to fight terrorism 27%
A just war 24%
The Apocalypse 12%
An unholy war 4%
Total Votes: 15649

Posted by: elia on March 13, 2003 09:16 PM
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