March 15, 2003
Parables from a Developing World

The Dilemma of Rapid Industrialization:
Streets designed for <10 mph transport (walking, cycling, and such) are suddenly overtaken by road-hogging, metal monsters travelling at 30-50 mph. Invariably, someone gets hit by these horseless carriages, and invariably the (well-to-do) owner of the vehicular weapon is mobbed (sometimes beaten to death) by otherwise normal, everyday working people. Welcome to life in the fast lane. From "Please step out of your car while we take all your money and break most of your bones"

Down the Drain
Would you dive down into an open-pit latrine for, say $1000, to retrieve a high-tech communications device? 3 die in Nairobi, Kenya, after a man dropped his cellphone while "dropping some friends off at the pool," then offered 1,000 shillings ($13.09) to anyone who would recover it. (Well over half the Kenyan population of 30 million people lives on less than $1 a day.)

Posted by tmonkey at March 15, 2003 12:35 AM
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