March 18, 2003
dot gov day, part III, Hey Kids!

Well, looks like it's dot gov day here on satorg, so here's my contribution, nestled deep underneath Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, itself nuzzling within the treasury department for no reasons I can quickly determine.

Deep in there is the ATF's "Kid's Page!" -- most of it pretty damn adult, but I'm quite fond of this little question, with its big answer:

Have you heard about the science fair project or school project where a student: Builds a homemade still? Lets leftover food scraps ferment and turn into alcohol?

Posted by kevin slavin at March 18, 2003 05:00 PM

best use of the royal "we" I've seen in a while -- "Well, under current law and regulations, we cannot allow you to conduct experiments involving distillation of alcohol at your home."

try and stop me, revenuers!

Posted by: dbrown on March 18, 2003 07:08 PM
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