March 24, 2003
Operation Beta-Test

Russian Military Analyst, Vladimir Slipchenko, tells it like it probably is.

"I see the main purpose of the war as being the large-scale real-life testing by the United States of sophisticated models of precision weapons."

"It should be observed that the Pentagon buys from the military-industrial complex only those weapons that have been tested in conditions of real warfare and received a certificate of quality on the battlefield... the present suppliers of precision weapons to the Pentagon are also constantly developing new types of arms and they must also be tested. The US military-industrial complex demands testbed wars from its country's political leadership. And it gets them."

When asked to speculate on the cost of the war, he gives a startling answer: "We will never know the exact figure of expenditure, if only because the war will be partly funded by private companies offering the Pentagon their experimental models of precision weapons for free in the hope of future dividends. The program for rearming the US Armed Forces is about $600 billion. Therefore today the military-industrial complex need not stint, it can give weapons to the Army for free."

Posted by tmonkey at March 24, 2003 09:03 AM

We'll see.

"The Americans will have to occupy Iraq. The occupation corps will apparently consist of four mechanized and armored divisions, one parachute division, and one division of the British Armed Forces. All these troops will not fight. There will be no ground operations in Iraq! The US Army will enter a burning desert -- the Iraqis will certainly set fire to the oilfields -- without a single shot being fired. There will simply be nobody to shoot at them."

Posted by: Kevin Slavin on March 24, 2003 09:24 AM

Yeah. He wasn't 100% correct, obviously, but that doesn't overrule his other speculations.

Posted by: tmonkey on March 24, 2003 09:53 AM

The main idea, ignoring specifics, is proving to be visibly on target.

"The combination of war, attractive valuation, an interesting secular theme and a potentially new era of geopolitics are factors to which we think investors should be paying more attention."

Posted by: tmonkey on March 24, 2003 01:04 PM
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