March 30, 2003
Some Joke To Make About Addressing The Memory Stack

There were a few books that were really crucial to me as a teenager. I remember reading about how to distill explosive hydrogen from liquid-plumr, from the Anarchist's Cookbook. I remember learning about how to spec type to send out for phototypesetting, that was the Graphic Designer's Handbook.

But neither of these proved as valuable in the bubble 90s as the book that gave me the skills -- and the reasons -- to do hex-dec conversions quickly in my head. "Machine Language For Beginners" now online in its entirety, is like browsing the atomic structure of my own memory, but in 8-bit form. It's somehow amazing to see how it all comes down to nothing more than a dozen HTML pages. It's like a life that comes down to snapshots, but the snapshots ain't even personal.

I'm down to one typing hand for a while, btw, so there'll be a lot more I than O while the wrist heals. Mouse-based diversions welcome.

Posted by kevin slavin at March 30, 2003 09:50 AM
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