April 03, 2003
Who Lives Longer, Anyway, Humans or our Satellites? Those Things Are Solar Powered, You Know.

Because it sure looks like progress, if you just pull back wide enough. That's kind of beautiful, my book, more awe than shock. But evidently, like all things that are bright and shiny, all this alternating current has a price, in this case the natural beauty of the night sky.

Damn naysayers. This is good, this is bad, like we need to save the whole universe now and not just Iraq. And these guys are all over the place. I mean, what are we doing grabbing all those natural resources in the mideast peninsula, if we can't light that fucker up like a christmas tree?

It's just this: do we spend more time staring at the night sky itself, or at satellite images taken from it? Maybe it's just me. But maybe if we're making the world beautiful for satellite optics, we're making it, uh, easier to use?

Posted by kevin slavin at April 03, 2003 03:56 PM
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