April 28, 2003
99 Cent? I was thinking more like 50.

Here we go. Apple enters the file-swapping biz, but really, it entered it through the backdoor with the pretty excellent iPod. Now, they're taking the next step. One can argue whether it's a logical next step, but really, logic never really held sway in this debate. It's an interesting snapshot of how the market thinks, though, or how it divides.

1. Goody-two-shoes who are legit about everything, software, music, etc. either because they can't figure out how to pirate or don't believe in it.
2. Conscientious consumers who pirate because it's so durn easy or they are cash poor or just plain lazy, but also don't mind supporting the arts once in awhile
3. Freeloaders who pay only for hardware, if that.

I wonder how musicians will respond to their unit of work being priced at a flat rate ($1 a song). Will songs just get shorter and shorter? Can this arbitrary pricing model hold? Personally, I don't think so.

Posted by tmonkey at April 28, 2003 04:32 PM
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