May 03, 2003
L.A. part two

Watching Conan last night, Yoko was on and she did her Bag Piece with him -- big, stretchy bag, the two of them in it, filling up most of the screen, it undulating and stretching, their clothes being dropped out of it like little rabbit pellets. For minutes and minutes, just the big bulbous bag on the screen. Great TV. But what really did it was that I was watching on jetblue, and *everyone* else was watching too. Fluxus didn't ever think of that.

Posted by dbrown at May 03, 2003 11:59 AM

also: it is good to be home.

Posted by: dbrown on May 3, 2003 11:59 AM

a funny thing with fluxus is that one goes weeks -- months -- without a peep, and then suddenly, fluxus fluxus fluxus. just the right level of saturation, as it were. excerpt from a recent email: "As a card-carrying avant-garde composer-member of the Fluxus Cooperative, I'm always interested in exploring innovative ways of presenting material and 'breaking frame.'" two down, waiting for the third to hit.

Posted by: krobinson on May 3, 2003 01:12 PM
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