May 12, 2003
Beating John Malkovich

(Letters to the NYT Magazine in regards to their piece on JM a few weeks back.)

Now that the combat portion of Operation Iraqi Freedom seems to be over, can we please send coalition forces into the south of France to take on John Malkovich's ego (Lynn Hirschberg, April 27)! Who does this guy think he is, and did I and other (former) fans who enjoyed the characters he has played create this self-indulgent, Machiavellian obsessive-compulsive? Give me a break.

Erin M. McSheffrey

As an admirer of John Malkovich's early work in the theater, I felt a sense of disappointment on reading your article about how he portrays himself off-screen. Were he not so arrogant in describing his life and philosophy, one might be tempted to believe he is a true eccentric. However, he comes across as someone who desperately needs attention and has to tell the world: Look how different and strange I am.

Charles Blackwell
New York

Opinions may differ, but I think that John Malkovich has a monotonic delivery; he's boring; and he is always, always the same.

Thomas H. Baer
New York

Hirschberg writes that Malkovich ''vociferously maintains that he is not political.'' In a talk last year at Cambridge University in England, when asked whom he would most like to fight to the death, he said he would rather not fight and would rather just shoot Robert Fisk (a British journalist who is a critic of Israel) and the Scottish M.P. George Galloway. This comment caused quite a stir in Europe.

Robert Lurie
New York

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