June 07, 2003
what kind of dick?

This deserves more than comment status: Porky Pig in Germany is Schweinchen Dick. (Click here to hear Bugs, Daffy, and Foghorn, but no Porky, speak the Deutsch.) (Worth watching; eventually reveals itself to be a parody of an american reality tv show.) (Kevin, can you get someone to speak German with a Porky or Elemer accent and post the mp3?)

Here's what babelfish does with the German précis on Porky/Schweinchen:

Schweinchen thick By its first conception to judge, nobody could have suspected that the fat, nervous and weldingbathed Schweinchen thick of one the first large star of Warner Bros. Cartoons would become. But when the Schweinchen saves coming to a hold The Midnight Ride OF Paul Revere up-said (in the strophe to The load OF the load brigade turns into in the middle), its love-worth, nearly death-courageous persistence the Show.

More love-worth than can ever be repaid.

Posted by dbrown at June 07, 2003 03:44 PM
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