June 24, 2003

On the heels of the Supreme Court's significant ruling on Affirmative Action yesterday: a mathematician handicaps the Supreme Court's voting patterns and concludes: "The voting pattern of the Rehnquist court over the last nine years 'shows that the court acts as if composed of 4.68 ideal justices.'" That is, 4.68 ideal justices would have produced the same diversity of decision making. Sad, but just gives scientific credence to what most of us already knew. That Clarence Thomas would vote against affirmative action. (Though it was surprising that Sandra Day voted for it.)

Posted by tmonkey at June 24, 2003 01:54 PM

Unsure if my use of "handicap" as a verb is correct. Please correct if wrong.

Posted by: tmonkey on June 24, 2003 10:29 PM
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