July 14, 2003
Yahoo headlines

1. speaks for itself: 'Bush defends intelligence as 'darn good' (link)

2. Isn't this just asking for it? 'Iran claims to make giant new oil find' (link)

Posted by dbrown at July 14, 2003 06:19 PM

That's not as good as Ari Fleischer trying to bury the whole issue by labeling it a "bunch of bull." Has this administration purposely set out to destroy not only our political relationships with most of the world but English rhetoric as well?

Jon Stewart, in an interview with the (fawning) Bill Moyers:

"You know what's great? Watch a Bush press conference, and then turn on Tony Blair and Parliament. Where he literally has to sit in front of his most vociferous critic. And that critic will say, "Sir, on the 13th, the dossier of the French...would not...the nuclear... You were hiding things. How do you answer, sir?"

"The distinguished gentleman is wrong. I can prove it in this way."

Contrast that with the press conference that Bush had on the eve of war. "Uh, okay, the next question is Jim. Is there a Jim here? Yeah. You got the next one."

"That is not the agreed upon question. We're gonna move on. Ralph, you got something?" It's an incredibly managed theatrical farce. And it's incredible to me that people are playing along with it. And they say that they're playing along with it because they're afraid of losing access. You don't have any access! There's nothing to lose! "

Posted by: tmonkey on July 14, 2003 11:34 PM
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