July 18, 2003
Paging Georg Lukacs (and also George Lucas)

Friendster -- like all other virtual phenomena -- is quickly generating an underground economy of, uh, virtual friends.

I'm not talking about the stray ghosts of pop dream and commerce that wander around Friendster, inexplicably connected to real people, though the mind boggles slightly at how those networks grow as they do.

Because in the meantime, other networks grow, somewhere in between real and not, at least as far as friendship is concerned. My relationship with my first-grade crush, for example (now in my network of friends) is more genuine than the entire networks of friends now selling for hard cash on ebay. Yes.

This is a pretty good one, but no longer for sale, though a different ebay seller seems to be offering the very same network for a lower price -- including a LOT of HOT girls, my friend's cat Cubby, and the staff of Waterloo Records, which is consistently rated one of the best record stores in the country, and which is a preferred shopping stop of celebrities like Sandra Bullock and the Dixie Chicks.

Why, that puts you in the same culture-commerce network as fancy movie stars, if you think about it. Or if you think about it even further, the practice of selling connectivity -- in it's most intangible and inconsequential form -- reveals the pure and fractal beauty of Kapital. Or, to repost from the other day, the fractal horror.

Posted by kevin slavin at July 18, 2003 04:47 PM
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