July 24, 2003
habeus corpus


In preparation for the publication of pictures of Saddam's sons' dead bodies, let's remember the first evil emperor whose dead body was paraded in front of the cameras: poor old Maximilian, of Mexico. Never trust Napoleon.

Posted by dbrown at July 24, 2003 11:10 AM

and here they are.

Posted by: dbrown on July 24, 2003 03:14 PM

"'We will believe they are dead when Uday's and Qusay's bodies are tied to cars and dragged through the streets so everybody can see them,' said Muhammad, a Baghdad engineer. "

Forget photographs. What is needed here is some good old fashioned head-on-a-pike type evidence.

Ah, America, bringer of democracy, peace, stability, and civilization.

Posted by: tmonkey on July 25, 2003 08:30 AM

well, what do they do with the bodies? obviously saddam ain't claiming them. and they can't bury them. do they just keep them in the morgue forever? what ever happened to hitler's remains?

Posted by: elia on July 25, 2003 10:52 AM
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