July 29, 2003
place your bets

The Pentagon office that proposed spying electronically on Americans to monitor potential terrorists has a new experiment. It is an online futures trading market, disclosed today by critics, in which anonymous speculators would bet on forecasting terrorist attacks, assassinations and coups.

Posted by elia at July 29, 2003 10:54 AM

the source: Policy Analysis Market

examples via slashdot:
The White House also altered the Web site so that the potential events ... that were visible earlier in the day ... could no longer be seen," but those example images are still being served: Jordanian overthrow, bidding on assassinations, cool graphics...

Posted by: dbrown on July 29, 2003 12:05 PM

pentagon says they just scrapped the idea. which is a nice way to say it's now part of the shadow gov't.

Posted by: elia on July 29, 2003 12:18 PM

Worth noting that Surowiecki described the PAM back in May, in relation to "decision markets," which are in common use among marketing and political consultants -- but not, usually, by the Pentagon.

It is insane, the PAM, and it's an awful lot of tax money that just went into something scrappable from the start. But think about it from a pentagonal view: it's pretty innovative, and dead efficient. That they showed little regard for the effect of the program on its targets (in this case, us) only means that that's the part they're not particularly interested in. Historically.

Posted by: Kevin Slavin on July 29, 2003 06:31 PM
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